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- Sunday, 3 May 2015

Huaorani - VIDEO Documentary

Survivors of the Ecuadorian Jungle

Terrasenses wants with this video to offer more information about  the Isolated Huaorani (Waorani) community of Bameno and also the land of the non contacted Tagaeri and Taromenane groups live in and around the Yasuni National Park.

Oil companies and loggers target the area. 

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The Kemperi Clan, a group of the waorani culture that have returned home to the amazonian jungle in Ecuador, after being confined in reserves by missionaries and the government 30 years ago. The everyday life of the family, the huntings, the natural building, the spirituality. Still fighting to maintain their land and ancient traditions, theirs is a story in the border between our modern world and the origins of human culture.

Film & cut by Hernan Vilchez. 
Produced by Kabopro Films for Blue Eyes & Sat

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